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Think Thrice: Boost your Org’s Creativity in 3 Awesome Ways!

If they wanted to get attention, the sign out front certainly did the trick. “MIDNIGHT MASS AND TOGA PARTY,” read the marquee outside Holy Redeemer St. Francis Xavier Church. “B.Y.O.B.J.” covered the bottom third of the sign. Translation? BRING YOUR OWN JESUS. Now at first blush you may wonder what Midnight Mass and Toga Parties have...
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Marketing in Religious Organizations

“Our organization does not do marketing campaigns.” That’s what a VP for one of the largest protestant denominations said to me during a recent conversation. I gasped silently and thought to myself, Did I misunderstand his statement? Unfortunately, I had not. To be honest, the world of faith does not intersect easily with seemingly big-business—read, “unspiritual”—concepts such as...
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