Q?Why should I choose veJov Design Corporation? What are the benefits of going with your firm?

There are few businesses that can go it alone in today’s marketplace. Now more than ever companies need expert partners who can help them achieve their business objectives. When you partner with veJov, you retain a marketing design firm with demonstrated expertise in several key market sectors. We offer our clients informed and objective views of their business challenges. Then we help them craft the right solutions.

When you choose veJov, you are choosing a firm that is highly ethical, deeply knowledgeable, and client-focused. Your success is our satisfaction. Our services will yield you a great return on your investment.

Q?What market sectors are your specialties?

 veJov Design Corporation is a multidisciplinary consultancy and we excel at the following marketing segments: Branding, Social Media Strategy/Execution, Education, Religious, Non-profit, Media Placement, Search Engine Marketing/Interactive, Consumer Base, Digital Marketing, and Energy. We have worked with a wide spectrum of companies who have found our services to be creative, timely, and cost-effective.

We help our clients by:

  1. Developing clarity during the idea phase of each project
  2. Generating possible solutions, including cost/benefit analysis proposed fixes
  3. Strategizing and implementing the right solution—on target, on time, on budget.
  4. Staying with our clients until the solution works flawlessly
Q?Can you give me some examples of work you’ve done?

We are proud of the work that we have done through the years. Click here to see our portfolio. If you’re looking to standout in the your market sector, we can craft a marketing plan for you that will achieve your objectives. If you are business start-up and you want to make some waves, we can get you noticed as you build your customer base.

We’ve worked with everyone from established corporations managing change to fledgling non-profits looking to make a difference in the world. Along the way we’ve learned how to listen to our clients and help them achieve their goals. We deliver value for every dollar spent with us.

Q?If I decide to work with veJov, how do we start?

We begin by—you guessed it—listening to your business challenge. The objective here is to clearly identify relevant issues, so that we can work together on finding the right solution. We will want to know about the history of your business—how it was founded, where it’s going, etc. This gives us a sense of who you are and helps us to customize the solution that best fits you.

Also, you can expect us to ask questions about previous marketing initiatives you’ve undertaken and what the results of those were. Once completed, our team of professionals will huddle and begin work on developing several prospective solutions to your business challenge. We will then present you with the very best options, based on your stated objectives.

We will keep you informed throughout the process, and if something is not working, we will tell you. We are people of integrity and you can expect honest feedback from us at every stage of the process.

Q?I’m ready to go. How do I contact you?

We are eager to show you what veJov can do for you. Click here to contact a veJov representative. You’ll be glad you did!